Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Mental Health groups: Making a change together

Mental Health Interns at Center on Halsted
Photo by Tom Elliott
Hi all!

My name is Brian and I am one of the mental health interns here at Center on Halsted. I will be posting blogs related to mental health over the next year. 

Today I am excited to share some information about our new groups that will be starting in September!!! To those that haven’t been in group therapy it might seem overwhelming or strange to participate in group therapy, but if you give it a chance you might enjoy it!

Participation in the group is always voluntary and even on days where you want to be a silent member you might benefit from just being there. It is always your choice how much and what you want the group to know about yourself. Just remember the more you become involved, the more likely you will benefit from being in group therapy.

Group therapy might be an affordable option to enrich your life. You might find that you have important things in common with other members. You might hear something that strikes a chord which then allows you to address an issue you were not previously aware of. Maybe being part of a group will allow you to identify more honestly and directly with other people in your life.

Here at Center on Halsted we offer a variety of groups that may fit your needs. So I invite you to check out our Mental Health Support Groups and if you see something that you might be interested in contact us!

Current offerings:

* Beyond Sober
* Bisexual Support Group
* Coming Out Group
* Healing from Sexual Violence Group
* HIV+ Art Therapy Support Group
* HIV Support Group
* Lonely, But Not Alone Support Group
* Mental Health Group
* Women's Psychotherapy Group

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